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As part of the A.A.C.R.E. project, the Alonsa Conservation District has officially opened the Sam and Anne Zdan Memorial Park. Named after to pillars of the community, the District held an official opening for the park and unveiling of the name on August 25th, 2018. In conjunction with the grand opening, we also held a 40th Anniversary celebration for the district and provided the community with food and drinks to mark the occasion.

We would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate and help with the occasion as it was a great success and a beautiful day.

Alonsa Community School garden beds and shed

Sam and Anne Zdan Memorial Park

"Local People Working Together

to Manage & Conserve

Local Resources!"

By developing this project, ACD hopes to engage community members of all ages and educate the public on sustainable agricultural practices and growing the food that you eat. The park will also allow the public to enjoy the outdoors and provide a healthy and safe location for meeting and engaging in the community.

Hugelkulture is a type of raised garden bed made from digging a hole in the earth. Logs are piled in the hole, followed by branches, twigs, smaller organic matter and finally soil on top.

A.A.C.R.E. - Alonsa Agricultural Community Restorative Enterprise

Over the past several years, Alonsa Conservation District has participated in an ongoing project to provide community members, including both seniors and students, with opportunities to engage and learn about sustainable agricultural practices.

This project, known as A.A.C.R.E., has involved the development and construction of a community park with several hugelkulture garden beds, a greenhouse and a wheelchair accessible fruit tree orchard, as well as the development of several hugelkulture garden beds and the planting of fruit trees on the Alonsa Community School property.

Alonsa Community orchard, garden beds, and greenhouse.

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