Alonsa Conservation District

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"Local People Working Together

      to Manage & Conserve

                Local Resources!"

The Alonsa Conservation District now has an information system called the GIS System, which provides satellite information covering the entire District.    More information is added as available.  This information is available to any landowners making an inquiry.  

Conservation Districts are organized to manage all natural resources within a drainage basin or watershed.  Resources such as soil, water, forests, and wildlife are all inter-related.  Altering any single resource many indirectly or directly effect other resources.  Watershed management is an overall approach to effectively managing all resources as a unified system.     It is useful to be able to view resource problems or opportunities in terms of natural watershed boundaries rather than man-made ones.  The Conservation District provides the means for co-operating in managing all resources wisely.     The District's varied program activities, such as Channel Maintenance, Crossing Repair and Replacement Program, Pickerel Spawning Project, Forage Seed Program, Wildlife , Sustainable Development Educational Extension Programs and development of Board's commitment to carry out its mandate of conserving, sustaining, and preserving all the diverse resources which make this area unique and keep the local economy strong.     The Alonsa Conservation District continues to enjoy funding support to carry out its diverse programs from Rural Development, as its main partner, and also from Fisheries Enhancement Fund, Federal and Provincial student employment programs such as the Green Team Program & Student Canada Federal Program.